Price Per Person

Mixed dormitory         2,500 yen/night 15,500 yen/week

Female dormitory       2,500 yen/night 15,500 yen/week

Single private room    4,000 yen/night 24,500 yen/week

Twin private room       7,000 yen/night (3,500 yen/per person) 42,000 yen/week

Triple private room      9,000 yen/night(3,000 yen/per person) Consultation necessary/week

4 people private room 11,200 yen/night(2,800 yen/per person) Consultation necessary/week

5 people~7 people private room  /night(2,700 yen/per person) Consultation necessary/week

* Payment on arrival (JPY cash only) or PayPay or PayPal (We charge a commission of 3%) or ALIPAY

Extended Stay
In case of over 1-week stay we will ask you to pay 10,000 yen as deposit.

  • Dormitory                 49,000 yen/month
  • Single Private Room 64,000 yen/month

Cancellation Policy

1 week before, 50% cancellation fee

On the day or no show, 100% cancellation fee

Free Services
Shower, shampoo and soap
Electric blanket
Hair dryer
coffee and tea

Other Services
Rental bike                 (400 yen)
Towel                          (100 yen)
Laundry with detergent (300 yen)
Change of sheets          (100 yen)
Toothbrush                 (150 yen)
Vending machine          (100yen~)