House Rules

About hostel

Q. What is a hostel?

A hostel is a type of accommodation facility with dormitory rooms, living room, and shared areas. It is where travelers can connect with other travelers regardless of country, age, or gender. Amenity service and with meal services are not included so you can stay at a low-cost price.

Q. Do you provide meals or any type of foods?

Due to COVID-19 measures, we are currently not providing any type of meals or foods. Our hostel is beds without meals. You may use the kitchen to cook your own meal or eat out and enjoy Nagoya speciality foods. If you need help deciding a place to eat, kindly ask one of our staffs. 
(Note: Refer to the Facilities page to see what you are able to use in the kitchen, also please clean after yourself when using the kitchen.)

Q. Are pets allowed?

Any type of pets are not allowed in the facility.

Q. Is it safe to stay at the hostel alone?  

There is a security camera at the entrance and we do ask all guests to show their ID.

About our Facility

Q. Is smoking allowed in the hostel?

Smoking is not allowed anywhere inside the facility. Please use the smoking area located outside near the entrance.

Q.  Is there a curfew?

No, there is no curfew but the entrance door will be locked around evening to night after all guests have arrived. Our staff will let you know during check-in on how to enter our facility after entrance is locked. 

Q.  Is there a common area?

Yes you may use our common areas to connect with other guests or eat and drink with your group. Please lower voice consider other guests after midnight.

Q. Is there a security box in the dormitory rooms?

Security boxes are only located on the 2nd floor near the stairway.

Q. Is it possible to bring a friend over to hang out with even though he/she is not staying at the hostel?

We do not allow anyone other than those staying the night with us in any part of the facility.